Nursery of the rarest kittens - Caracat

About the nursery

Our nursery is located in nature in the family estate of SWARGA, around which there are forests and fields. The area of the territory is 6.5 hectares.

More than 250 m2 is allocated for cats to live in the house and this is not the limit.

We have always tried to give them the best conditions.

We treat all our cats and kittens as our own children, therefore, we approach the choice of a future family for them with special attention and pretentiousness, because every pet is our love for life.
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About the breed of Caracat
Caracat are a hybrid breed, with a pleasant, but still wayward character.

From domestic cats, they inherited an affectionate and non-aggressive character, and from wild ancestors - a sharp mind, learning ability, independence.⠀

Some of them are quite independent, while others are as tame and affectionate as possible.

The characters of the caracats, as well as the sizes, can be different.⠀The caracats are curious, take part in household chores, never give up active games and in general, will not let you get bored!⠀

These amazing cats love to communicate with their owner, they are happy to be in the company of people.Many of the representatives of this breed like to spend time in nature, walk with the owner or go on a trip by car.

These beautiful and graceful cats are actually patient, they are not inclined to show aggression, and if you
surround them with love and care, they will gladly respond in the same way!⠀

Caracats get along well with other pets, exceptions may be rodents and birds.Nevertheless, the hunting instinct
of the caraquettes will make itself felt when meeting a hamster or a parrot. By the way, due to its close relationship with wild cats, the caracat has excellent genetics.

The caracats have a very good and strong immunity, and they practically do not pick up infections, from which
domestic breeds often suffer.

With children, caracats are usually interesting: they take part in all games, especially active and mobile
ones. Of course, you will need to carefully monitor the child and explain to him how to treat the kitten correctly: do not torment him, do not molest him with too active caresses, in no case do not beat and do not show aggression. Of course, this rule should be followed with all other cats, regardless of their breed and character!
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