I greet lovers of the wonderful caracat breed, as well as connoisseurs of other wonderful purrs!

🐈Today we will talk about such an interesting topic as the origin and history of the caracat breed.

◽️Man has long been engaged in breeding new breeds of animals. ..this makes it possible to choose appearance, character, behavior.

In this respect, the caracats cats inherited both the genes of their wild ancestors and their wonderful character!

◽️ Surprisingly, the cats themselves became the "culprit" of the appearance of this breed!
⠀⠀at the end of the 20th century, a caracal lived in the Moscow zoo, into which a street kitty accidentally ran into the cage. She managed to endure a healthy kitten, which was born similar to a lynx, but was still identified as a separate breed!

◽️Next, already special attempts to breed the same kitten were unsuccessful. Some managed to breed 1-2 generations of caracets, but until 2007 the attempts did not end with success.

In 2015, the first generation of caracats was finally registered with ICU!
⠀⠀at the moment there are not many individuals of this unique breed in the world, and their owners rightfully consider themselves lucky!

◽️Caracats have an athletic build, and a nose is noticeably prominent on their muzzles: it is large, even and wide. ..the ears of cats are also large, with large tassels at the tips.

😻 The character of the Caracat kittens is calm, amenable to training, and like any little purr, the Caracat is curious and active. Caracats get along with children, and if they get bored with active children's games, they calmly go to a secluded place.

🐕 In some ways, caracats are like dogs: they are loyal to their owner and do not mind expressing their love!

Serious ailments are not inherited by kittens, but they will inherit the strong immunity of their parents.
I often hear you ask what these combinations of the letter F and numbers mean. It's time to tell you and help you figure it out 🥰

The F1 is a first-generation hybrid from the Caracals. They have at least 50% caracal blood.

F2 is a second-generation hybrid. Have at least 25% of caracal blood.

F3 - respectively, the third generation, with at least 12.5% of caracal blood.

F4 - the fourth generation, in the veins of such kittens flows at least 6% of the blood of the wild ancestor.

This is not all the information that is embedded in the letter designations!

They also say this:


Of course, the more wild ancestor blood in a cat, the more independent and freedom-loving its character is. Subsequent generations are already much more suitable to become a favorite of your family.

Kittens that are not so strongly expressed in the character of their ancestors can be quite tame, affectionate, loving and playful, like other domestic purrs.


Caraclets of the F1 generation are direct descendants of the caracal, they are the most expensive pets. And the price for subsequent generations is already declining.

Do not worry, because these generations are more suitable as a pet!

🐈 Breeding

As you know, not every kitten is suitable for breeding, because there are sterile generations, there are very prolific ones.

In the case of caracets, this rule also works: the ability to include a cat in breeding depends on the generation.
Caracat is a hybrid breed, with a pleasant, yet strong-willed.

From domestic cats, they inherited a gentle and non-aggressive character, and from wild ancestors - a sharp mind, learning ability, independence.

Caracats are curious, take part in household chores, never give up active games and in general, will not let you get bored!

🥰 These amazing cats love to communicate with their owner, they are happy to be in the company of people, despite their rather proud disposition.

Many of the representatives of this breed like to spend time in nature, walk with the owner or go on a trip by car.

These beautiful and graceful cats are actually patient, they are not inclined to show aggression, and if you surround them with love and care, they will gladly respond in kind!

Caracats get along well with other pets, exceptions can be only rodents and birds.

Still, the hunting instinct of the caracat will make itself felt when meeting with a hamster or a parrot 👀

🐈 By the way, due to its close relationship with wild cats, the caracat has excellent genetics.
They have a very good and powerful immune system, and they don’t catch infections that often are suffering domestic breed.

🧒🏻Caracats love children: they take part in all games, especially active and mobile ones.

❗️Of course, you will need to carefully monitor the child and explain to him how to properly handle the kitten: do not torment him, do not molest him with too active caresses, in any case do not beat and do not show aggression.

Of course, this rule should be followed with all other cats, regardless of their breed and character 🥰
😻 In addition to being one of the rarest hybrid breeds of cats, these beauties have many other advantages!

Many of these advantages are not even known to cat lovers.

But this is not surprising: the breed is relatively new, and only a few lucky ones have managed to become owners of these amazing animals to date.

So, briefly about all the advantages of caracats:

◾️unique exotic appearance;

◽️calm temperament;

◾️high capacity for socialization;

◽️excellent level of intelligence;

◾️a strong immune system;

◽️the loyalty, goodwill to man;

◾️there are many "dog things" in their behavior;

◽️high ability to get along with other Pets;

◾️reasonable care;

◽️calm attitude to water bodies and care procedures.

By the way, there are very few disadvantages, if you can call them
For breeders, this is, first of all, the difficulty of breeding, because, as we already know, the breed is new and unique, these cats have not yet been fully studied.

For some future owners, difficulties may be caused by the high cost of a kitten-caracat, but believe me, high costs pay off every minute thanks to the great love, affectionate nature and unique temperament of these cats 😻

Of course, for these rare representatives of the cat family, you need to create good conditions for care, including feeding, which can not be the same as for an ordinary cat 🥘 🍲

On all such questions, I will be happy to advise all future owners of a small miracle called caracat 😻
As we have already found out, the caracat is a unique hybrid breed, and the breeding and maintenance of such cats is not cheap at all!

You are probably wondering what kind of cosmic standards this breed has? 😅 Let's talk about it!

Although it's too early to talk about the standard, you can describe the typical appearance of these cats.

🔹In the body of a unique breed, wildlife is visible, they are large, athletic and muscular.

🔸The head of the caracat has a wedge-shaped shape, the forehead is wide and slightly convex.

🔹The nose stands out very much on the muzzle of these cats. It is large, repeats the "wild" contours. The tip of the nose is pinkish, or slightly darker, and the outline is black.

🔸The eyes are almond-shaped, the outline around them is dark.

🔹The ears of the animal are large, not too tilted forward, set wide enough. There are tassels at the top of the ears, but with each generation they gradually disappear.

🔸The paws of cats are powerful, long and wide, but the tail, on the contrary, is not long, although it is also wide and strong.

🔹The coat of the caracats is shiny and thick. The coat colors are close to the colors of sorel, cinnamon, chocolate.

Here are such wonderful cats of real natural beauty 😻
Since the caracat is the rarest breed in the world, cat lovers know almost nothing about feeding these unique fluffy muzzles.

Because of this, people are beginning to think that only real hunting is suitable for a caracat, just like for wild animals, Yes, and such an opinion can be found on the Internet.

I will try to correct this situation and tell you about what you can and should feed the caracats.

❗️ The most important thing: the nutrition of these cats should be natural, varied and balanced.

Preference should be given to raw meat, namely beef, fish, rabbit, chicken, quail.

Up to two years in the diet of the caracat, you need to include calcium, fermented milk products, vitamins. Or supplements selected by a veterinarian.

⚖️ The norm of food by weight per day is 5-10% of the cat's weight.

🚫 You can not feed such cats with pork, fried food, as well as food from the table of the owners!

Of course, do not forget about the water! It should be in the cat's constant free access.

Fatty foods, including fatty meat, should be avoided because, despite their wild ancestors, homemade caraquettes do not spend so much energy, and too high-calorie meat can lead to problems with their health.

🐟 Fish should be chosen with a small amount of bones, sea, and give it to the caracat about once a week.

Yes, such nutrition requires expenses, but the health and happiness of a pet should always be in the first place! Such cats are unique, therefore they require a special approach to themselves.

So it is not necessary to take the caracat to the forests and fields for hunting, it is enough to follow a few fairly simple rules.

Love them, take care of them, protect them - they will respond in full 🥰
In fact, it's quite simple!

Caracats are very smart creatures, they can easily remember the house rules!

🥰 They do not spoil furniture and do not climb on the table for food, and getting used to the tray also does not cause difficulties for pet owners.

Cat litter can be any: paper, lumpy or wood.

🐈 In most cases, our kittens are acquired at the age of 3 months, during this period they are quite independent, do not depend on mother's milk, transferred to natural nutrition and vaccinated by age.

Caracats are smart, inquisitive and very mobile!

❤️Caracat kittens (and adults) like to play, run and jump.

Therefore, even before purchasing a kitten, it is necessary to think about a sports complex for a pet.

🐱 For small kittens, it is not advisable to assemble a multi-level complex at once, as this can lead to injuries.

New sections of the complex should be added as the kitten grows up.

🐈 And you also need to take care of the fur coat of the caracat: comb out when necessary and periodically bathe the pet (about once every three months).

In general, the main thing here is love and mutual understanding, and the caraques are fine with that!

😍They are sooo smart and quickly find a common language with people, get attached to their beloved owners.
or how I chose this particular breed for breeding ❤️
Of course, the main thing that immediately interested me was the rarest breed of domestic cats in the world!

Such a cat is incredibly difficult to get ... this is a rare chance and real luck 🍀

Caracats are VERY smart cats! Almost all of them understand from the first time. Even kittens.

You can communicate with them like with dogs. Bring the ball, execute the command? Easy! 🐈

And of course, these are cats of extraordinary beauty 😍 Just look at these eyes, at these tassels on the ears, at this expression of the muzzle ...

And what grace! What a muscular beautiful body, the color of the fur coat ...

There is no such time limit for which you can admire the caraquet 😍 THIS IS AN ENDLESS PROCESS 🤣

And each color is individual, and no breed is like them, they are really unique!

There are not many caracats for me! I don't even know how it happened that I got one cat, and now a whole pride 🤣 This is a process in which the more — the better!

It is impossible to get tired of caracat, there is no feeling of satiety 😊

These are truly ideal cats!

People are not stopped by the price or the difficulty of "getting" this cat for themselves 😁 Those who get a caracat want more and more!

Every caracat is a person. Each one is really unique, with its own special character, with unique habits and behavior ...

In general, I'll tell you this:
To have a caracat is like having a loyal friend! ❤️🐈
Of course, in order for cats to live for a long time, you need proper nutrition, care and great love from the owner!

Here's what the owner needs to do so that the cat lives as long as possible:

❤ Visit the doctor on time

Periodic examinations are necessary not only for a tick!

But also in order to detect diseases (if of course they arise) at the earliest stage! And cure it in time.

Relieve the cat from stress

No filming of "funny" videos where the cat is scared with cucumbers and so on. You can not scare a pet, shout at him, and even more so - beat him!

This will greatly shorten the life of your cat with your own hands 🥺

🔥 Safety

Do not be lazy and install anti-mosquito nets on the edges.

After all, all cats are very curious, they can easily fall out of the window without noticing that it is high there..

Do not let the cat go on a samovygul, because it is very dangerous ⚠️

🍱 To feed properly

In any case, no cheap food, as well as harmful "yummy" for cats. For example, sweets or fried food.